Gantry 5 Live Lessons

Gantry 5 Training


Kickstart your Gantry 5 learning curve – save time with an introductory overview.

When tutorials aren’t enough – get personalized help from an experienced Gantry website developer and WordPress teacher. Lessons are customized to your specific needs, walking you through step-by-step.

Your live lesson introduces the Gantry framework in a friendly, understandable manner, at your own pace. After that you can choose further lessons, or work on your own with the Gantry tutorials.

The standard introductory overview includes the more basic areas: Styles, Content, Settings, Assignments, Particles, Positions, Blocks, Widgets and Atoms. Assistance with other areas, such as setting up Gantry and Themes, can be provided if needed.

The fee for a half-hour live Quick Start via Skype is $35.

To arrange a lesson, contact YourSteppinStone by email. Please state your level of experience with WordPress and your geographical location.

“Our life-saver”

"We struggled for days with getting our new site up-to-par with a Gantry Framework-based theme. Then, in a single conversation, a few emails exchanged, and a few hours of time, we were able to create the most amazing, high-end site we could have dreamed of! Nadine is one-of-a-kind, and was our life-saver through and through! We couldn't have asked for any greater help, expertise, and efficiency! We owe you tons, Nadine! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!"
Marketing Agency Owner

“Patience and professionalim”

"Nadine delivered our website building training with enormous patience and professionalism. She managed to cover a great deal of material in short, well-structured sessions, including many helpful and practical tips.”
Marketing and PR Executive